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GPT - Mission Statement

We are a global professional high-tech organization that attracts the best people in the industry - providing creative solutions for maximum hydrocarbon recovery to ensure a high-rate of return on investment to our customers.  

Our mission is to raise the standard for professional oilfield technical services, exceed the customers’ expectations for hydrocarbon recovery and return on investment.

Our Focus is on

Supplying Reliable Equipment

High-tech real-time monitoring and communication to improve characterization and optimize

We recognize the importance of providing solutions that consider all factors in petroleum engineering

We have a complete understanding of our products and a complete line to ensure purpose solutions

Global Petroleum Technologies History

Global Petroleum Technologies was started in 2004 with the intention of supporting international technical services for another major hydraulic lift equipment manufacturer. The security risk in selected countries as well as general business environment as well local fabrication and manufacturing requirements let to the creation of a company that could support ventures in each country with minimum risk to the larger organization.

Global Petroleum Technologies also offers greater responsibility for ancillary systems that include permanent of well test subsurface pressure and temperature monitoring, communication systems with automaton options as well as multiphase or gas compression that is sometimes required to optimize oil and gas recovery.

Global Petroleum Technologies engineers stand alone in foreign operations prepared to handle the frequent unexpected oilfield problems that are a lot more difficult to solve when there is no supply store within driving distance. We learned to be better prepared and we have the knowledge to create solutions on site regardless of the location. From Colombia, to Indonesia, Russia to Africa, we are prepared to get the job done.  

Global Petroleum Technologies engineers have operating experienced in oil and gas production that allows us to offer a greater understanding of reservoir and wellbore characteristics. We do not believe that a jet pump is for every well and can technically explain why. We also consider short, term, medium term and long term production objectives and design equipment and systems specific for the needs.

Global Petroleum Technologies offers well testing, flow back and several models of permanent artificial lift systems that include high volume designs. Only high volume designs have been known to reach production levels of 17,000 bpd.

Hydraulic lift has had a complicated history due to poor engineering and misapplication. It is the only application where a positive displacement plunger pump is expected to receive live well fluids (multiphase fluids) and pump pressures as high as 5000 psi on continuous duty service. These applications require engineering studies and special built to purpose designs to prevent or minimize cavitation together with a maintenance program to insure reliable performance.

Today we return to our country of origin to serve the local industry with the knowledge and experienced gained in the most remote areas of the world.

This is Global Petroleum Technologies, providing a service above the standard to exceed your expectations.

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